Let's Count the Pumpkins

Articulate e-Learning Challenge #71

One pumpkin ha ha ha, two pumpkins ha ha ha, three pumpkins ha ha ha…

Learn to count from 0 to 10 in Spanish, English and French by hitting the button below.


The Challenge

This week’s challenge is all about teaching math online.

While many of you probably specialize more on the corporate side of e-learning, there’s a lot of creative things going on with K-12 and higher education that can help all of us build better courses.

Not only is this a great opportunity to expand your e-learning portfolios, it’s also a great excuse to freshen up on your math skills.

After all, what better way to sharpen your e-learning saw than by designing learning interactions for a different industry.

View the Articulate challenge page.

Demo Briefing

First and foremost I would like to credit my wife Maxine and my good friend Marie-Claire for their help with the English and French respectively.
For this week’s challenge I designed a simple counting game with a Halloween theme. Because Spanish is my first language I thought it would also be a great idea to incorporate several languages.
All art in this demo was created using Adobe Illustrator and special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the Halloween theme tune. This demo is not for commercial purpose.

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